Trailer Maintenance Tips

Read our Trailer Maintenance Tips to Keep You Rolling & Save You Money!

Tire Pressure - Checking tire pressure before every use of your trailer is important for safety reasons, but keeping the tires evenly inflated will also save you money by preventing premature and uneven wear on the tires! If you realize that you are not taking the time to check your tire pressure, consider calling us about installing a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Inspect Suspension - Take a few minutes before you head out with your trailer to visually inspect the suspension. Look for any rubbing, cracks, or other visible wear on your shocks and if you have air shocks be sure they are equally inflated.

Proper & Consistent Lube - Using the correct lube and the right amount of lube is often overlooked. Mixing two different types of lube and over or under lubrication can result in performance issues.

Brakes - If your trailer is equipped with brakes you need to check them before each trip. Be sure to check drum conditions while performing brake or wheel services, just as you would for your car or truck.

Lights - Don't count on your trailer lights working properly. Once your hooked up to your tow vehicle be sure you take the time to check that all of your trailer lights are working properly.

Secure the Cargo - Always take one last walk around the trailer and confirm that all tie downs are tight, and all of the cargo will not be able to dislodge from the trailer during travel.

Following these simple tips and preventative measures can prevent accidents and also save you money.

Need to have your trailer serviced, repaired, or maybe a new hitch or some tires? Give us a call!

Our team of trailer repair technicians are trailer owners too! We're here to keep you rolling!

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