Horse Trailer Maintenance ~ So You Get Where You're Going!

It's going to be a great day! You're headed out, trailering your horse to meet with friends for a ride, or heading to a horse show to pursue that blue ribbon, or just trailered up and going to your favorite trail for a leisurely ride. Then you feel the pull and wobble of a flat tire, or you hear a squealing noise coming from the axle... Oh No!

If you trailer very often... You've had it happen... and when it does you know your day just took a turn for the worse.

Many times these challenging mishaps can be avoided with preventative Horse Trailer Maintenance.

Here's a quick list of good practices to Get you Where You're Going!

Before You Head Out

  • Check the Tire Pressure

  • Make sure the coupler is securely attached to the ball

  • Hookup the Breakaway Tether & Safety Chains

  • Plug in the Trailer Light AND TEST to be sure they are all in working order

  • Retract the Trailer Jack & fully secure it in place

  • Remove & store the Trailer Chocks

  • Do a walk around inspection - Stay focused and Really Look

When You Return

  • Clean/Wash the floors - excess moisture etc, can lead to mold and rust and rotting floors

  • Lubricate the Coupler - lubricating will help insure the mechanism functions properly

  • Store the trailer with the nose slightly higher than the back so any moisture will run out

  • Keep and Log of the miles you take on each trip - Trailers don't have odometers and over use before maintenance or tire replacements can have disastrous results

Periodic Maintenance

  • Check Tires for evidence of damage or aging

  • Check all Wheel Lugs are tight

  • Grease the Hitch Ball

  • Check wiring on your Electric Braking System

  • Apply the brakes and listen for the slight hum you hear that indicates the Braking System is working properly

  • Grease the Door Hinges

The technicians at Trailer Repair San Diego are trailer owners too! They strive to keep your Trailer in top condition. Give them a call to schedule service or repair to your trailer. 833-440-8773